Latchways LadderLatch Device - LA-3100L-00T

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Latchways LadderLatch Device - LA-3100L-00T

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The Latchways Mansafe for ladders system provides outstanding personal safety for individuals working on any type of fixed ladder.

Common to all devices is the patented starwheel mechanism which rotates freely over intermediate cable supports and around corner brackets without the need to disconnect the unit. This allows hands free operation for the system user.

******* OUT OF STOCK ******


 LadderLatch Device

• Universal device for use on all Latchways’ vertical systems.

• Incorporates unique starwheel allowing the unit to pass over cable supports without need to detach.

• Anti-inversion mechanism so device cannot be connected to cable upside down.

• Connects to user at chest point.

• Able to attach or detach at any safe point of the system.

• In the event of a fall, the unit locks onto the cable and arrests the fall.


Connecting to a LadderLatch

1.     With the attachment links in the vertical plane, press the release catch on the side of the unit.

2.     With your other hand, pull the starwheel away from the body of the device.

3.     Offer the unit up to the cable and position the cable to sit within the cavity of the device body.

4.     Remove your thumb from the release catch.  Allow the starwheel to return to its original position and this will locate the cable correctly within the device.

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