Latchways ClimbLatch Device - LA-85191-00

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Latchways ClimbLatch Device - LA-85191-00

The ClimbLatch unit is inherently versatile and will operate on both inclined and horizontal systems and so prevents the need for a worker to change attachments when moving from one section to another.

The ClimbLatch device requires a specific entry point on which to attach to the system.

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• The ClimbLatch device has many similar features of the LadderLatch and TowerLatch but is designed to also be used on an inclined system – suitable for use between a 0º and 40º incline.

• The ClimbLatch requires a specific entry point on which to attach to the system.


Connecting to a ClimbLatch system

1.     A specific entry terminal is required to connect the ClimbLatch unit on to a system. It must be ensured that the ClimbLatch is attached with the arrow indicating the     correct direction of movement/incline.

2.     Hold the device in the vertical plane to open the unit and with the gate of the entry point open, push the slipper downwards through the gate of the entry point.

3.     When the slipper has passed through the gate, the device can then be pulled along the cable.

4.     With the gate closed the device is now fully connected and ready for use

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